Saturday 6 April 2013

Happy birthday to my blog: Six today!

Have I really been writing gumpf in my little corner of the internet for six years? It appears to be true.

The past year has seen me move from Sydney back to the UK. Even though I was in Australia for over three years it never stopped feeling like an extended holiday and wanted to record my adventures on the blog. Now I'm back home a little bit of impetus for writing has gone and things I'd previously have posted now don't always make the cut. I think this means that I need to go on holiday more!

Top ten posts of the year:
1. Reading the Economist for free on the Kindle - hopefully the Economist's lawyers will never read this one and come knocking on my door.
2. Galtaji Rajasthan - A non mover at number two in the charts. Indian women in their brightly coloured sarees at Galtaji gets a lot of hits.
3. Picasso exhibition at Art Gallery of NSW - the exhibition ended ages ago so I have no idea why this post has enduring appeal.
4. Top Eats - people clearly love to search for restaurant recommendations.
5. Cooking: Coconut and lime slice - people obviously love recipes containing coconut and lime.
6. Garmin Forerunner 100 unboxing - tech reviews can be a real hit. Just a shame I don't know what I'm doing!
7. Best kebab in Istanbul - a couple of awesome kebabs from my visit to Istanbul.
8. What does SOHO stand for? -still popular and informative. Now a regular in the top ten annual posts.
9. Habberfield: Ricotta cheesecake taste off - two very good cheesecakes get the recognition they deserve.
10. Camelbak Hydrobak review - runners of the world have come to read the post.

Top traffic sources:
My thanks to everyone who sends traffic my way. It is very special when someone gives you a link, mention or recognises something that I write.

Traffic sources provide the largest source of traffic to the site. Below are the top three refers, search engines aside, to my blog:
1. Urban Spoon - I made Sydney's top twenty on Urbanspoon before I left Australia and am currently a Mr Nobody on the London leader board.
2. Beyond Blue Eyes - a friend and sadly a less frequent blogger these days.
3.  Brockley Central - the excellent hyper local site where I live. If you add in the twitter shouts that BC has given me they are probably my top source of traffic.

I'm looking forward to the year ahead. I have formative plans to set up a new blog focusing on a new adventure I'm hoping to embark on. I'm sure that's got you all shuffling towards the end of your seats.....


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