Monday, 4 June 2012

A day trip to Adelaide

There is A LOT to do when you decide to change job, move house, move country, organise international shipping and pack to go on holiday. It was a more exhausting, time consuming and stressful experience than I expected.

It didn't leave much time for what I really wanted to do, which was catching up with friends who I might not see for a while.

The only way I could fit in a visit to see my friends Andy and Emily was via a day trip to Adelaide. As I learnt, it is quite a long way just for the day.

When I arrived Millie, their eldest daughter, wouldn't speak to me for the first forty five minutes. I was ignored for a while and then some silent interaction started as toys were timidly passed between. Finally we had speech and then I was being ordered to play hide and seek and push Millie on the swing. I'm not sure if all three year olds are the same.

We dropped Millie and Evie off with Andy's parents so that we could spend a bit of adult time together. We enjoyed a long lunch at the Italian restaurant Chianti. Lunch with Emily is always entertaining with NO question off limits. Admitting to a new relationship certainly provided plenty of fodder. I hope the table next to us couldn't overhear our conversation!

After lunch we popped round to see Emily's parents who I know quite well from my visits to Adelaide over the years.

We picked up Millie and Evie on my way back to the airport. I thought I'd built up a good relationship with Millie in the morning, but I had another ten minutes of silent inspection before she'd speak to me again.

There was just enough time to send a post card from the airport and then it was back to Sydney!

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