Sunday, 3 June 2012

Restaurant Review: La Disifida, Habberfield

Tartufa Pizza 

A final catch up with Angie (the baking godess) and Ryan gave me the opportunity to try La Disifida in Habberfield. The crowds certainly seem to love this Italian restaurant and we were lucky to get a table arriving just before six thirty on a bustling Sunday night.

The menu is focused around pizza with some pasta, gnocchi and daily specials thrown in to tempt you.

Angie and Ryan ordered the Tartufa pizza ($26) which was the dish of the evening for me. The thin and crispy base came topped with a generous prosciutto and truffle paste. The combination of the ham and truffle tasted seriously good.

Funghi Fontina 

From the specials board I ordered the funghi fontina ($16). The mushrooms were cooked with a hint of garlic and covered in melted fontina cheese. I found the mushrooms moorish and definitely ate more than my fair share.

Eggplant, ham and ricotta pizza 

We also ordered the eggplant, ham and ricotta pizza ($26) from the specials board. The pizza had the same great base as the tartufa pizza. While I was a little sceptical at the appearance of the finely diced ham (it had the look some processed hams do) it tasted great and the fine dice was an excellent way to get good coverage across the pizza.

Is ricotta the right cheese for a pizza? I'm a little undecided. The dense mounds of cheese also made it a little intense when you did get a bite. A more even covering would have been my preference.

Affogato misto

Although full Angie and I couldn't resist an affogato misto ($15) to share for dessert. With three scoops of ice cream it has to be one of the largest affogatos in Sydney.

I really enjoyed the pizzas at La Disifida. It gives me something to aim at in my home baking pizza project. I haven't been to Roso Pomodoro recently enough for a direct comparison, but La Disifida must be in contention for the best pizza in Sydney.

La Disifida
109 Ramsey St,
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  1. I'm with you on the indecision of ricotta on pizza. Something tells me it's just a bit too wet to blob on top. I've eaten pizza at La Disifida just once and quite enjoyed it, especially the charred crust. Must get back to Haberfield sometime!