Sunday, 15 January 2012

Restaurant Review, Cafe DOV, Potts Point

Oliver, Mary and I were hoping to have a casual Saturday lunch at Ms. G's. Caught unawares that they'd be closed we headed across the road to café DOV.

A Potts Point institution that has been open for twenty one years café DOV was filled with hip young Pointers. (I don't think people from the suburb are actually called Pointers. I just made it up. Do you think it will catch on?)

We monopolised the private tables at the rear of the restaurant and settled in for a good catch up. One of the staff who was taking their lunch break learnt rather more than they probably hoped to about Japanese Onsen. What goes on tour stays on tour.

I ordered the corned beef, pickled fennel slaw on toasted rye. It was one of the finest sandwiches I have had in a while. The soft pickled fennel had a subtle tang and the thick cut slices of corned beef were fall apart tender. It could only have been made better if they'd buttered the rye bread to make it even more decadent.

Mary ordered the attractively presented rustic pork sausage and four cabbage salad, potato galette. The large size came with two sausages and two squares of potato gallete. It made me wonder if the small serving came with one square of gallete and only one sausage. Could you serve just one sausage?

*If anyone knows what DOV stands for please let me know!

café DOV
130 Victoria St
Potts Point

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  1. I've always wondered what DOV stood for. When I moved to Sydney they used to be located in a tiny corner shop behind the Darlinghurst courthouse. I wonder when they moved? The food looks grand!

    1. DOV means bear in Hebrew and this is the nickname of the guy who used to own DOV when it was in it's old location. It used to be my local and they made THE BEST EVER chook salad with mashed potato (that was fried so it had a crunchy outter) and gherkins.

    2. @MissPiggy - thank you for enlightening us!

  2. How did you get onto the topic of Onsen?

  3. One of my lunch companions if just about to fly out to Japan. Did you visit one?