Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Restaurant Review: Baffi and Mo, Redfern

One of the interesting things about moving country is that you approach everything with a fresh look. You can't buy your undies from M&S any longer, because they aren't sold over here. Ditto your favourite brand of breakfast cereal.

I've actually enjoyed comparing labels in the supermarket, trying a few different things and making my own decisions on what I like. It's interesting to contrast the decisions I make with those who have been here longer and subject to a lifetime of advertising. Or doing things they way they've always been done.

Most people seem to be pretty negative about the suburb of Redfern. Inspired by one of my favourite blogs I finally went to check it out for myself on Saturday. I found a suburb screaming of gentrification. Judging by the line of people waiting for a table outside Baffi and Mo, it isn't just me that has realised Redfern is on the move.

Luckily my breakfast companions had arrived a few minutes before me and already secured a table. The waitress seemed to want my order immediately so I quickly selected the Boston baked beans and sat back to catch up on the gossip. And take in the heady smells from the kitchen spiced with cumin and fennel.

When the beans arrived I was pleased with my impulse choice. A hearty portion of homemade baked beans was topped with a poached egg, half a chorizo and two sticks of sourdough. I was pleased to have the spice and smokiness of the chorizo to add an extra dimension to the beans. Which is my diplomatic way of saying I found the beans (only just) lacking in a bit of flavour.

The service was a bit erratic. However, it's hard not to like Baffi and Mo. The food is good and there is some of the same sense of fun that is also present at Revolver. Redfern is a suburb definitely on the move.

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  1. Am yet to try this brekkie hotspot. Pity the beans were a bit low on flavour

  2. Looks good! Yes, Redfern does have bad news attached to it's name since forever now, and I too am guilty of thinking that Redfern is not a place to go to. But I've been noticing that Redfern seems to be dishing out the goods lately so might have to pay the neighbourhood a visit some day.


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