Thursday, 17 March 2011

Restaurant Review: Doo-lishus, Eaglehawk Neck

After the successful seafood feast in Wineglass Bay we were on the lookout for another lobster. We visited the Dunalley fish market, supposedly the largest in the area, to find that they only sold oysters and two other types of fish! It was a joke. Making the Sydney fish markets look like a bazaar of incomprehensible riches.

When we were talking to the lady from the tourist information desk in Port Arthur (who strangely reminded me of the Wood / Jenkins women in my life) I asked her where to get seafood in the area. Apparently most locals have their own boats and lobster pots which means there aren't any fish mongers in town. She did, however recommended a caravan in the car park in the nearby town of Eaglehawk Neck.

A caravan? In a car park? It could only have sounded less promising if she'd told us it was called Doo-lishus. However, as she was practically a member of the family, we stopped by and to my surprise were able to buy a lobster for dinner. Some of the menu items looked interesting, and very reasonably priced, so we decided to visit again for lunch the next day.

First up was trevella (blue eye) and chips. The lightly crumbed fish was tasty. The chips weren't quite up to the Tomislav standard but on a cold and windy day they hit the spot.

I was a little sceptical that their pies were actually 'home made' due to the use of quotation marks around the phrase. However, I couldn't resist a second try of Tasmania's national dish. The scallop pie. Flaky pastry enveloping a pie full of scallops and curry sauce. The curry sauce was quite thick, almost like a curry white sauce. I found it a bit heavy and preferred the pie we had on our first day which had a thinner curry gravy. However, Marlina was more of a fan of this one.

The can't have disliked the scallop pie too much as I bought a rabbit and venison pie to take away to eat later. What a fatty! I preferred the richer venison and red wine pie to the milder tasting rabbit. Both were pretty good though. The rabbit pie had a couple of bones in, but Marlina got both of those so I won.

Five dollars for a big serving of vanilla ice cream and fresh berries was a great way to end our meal. I think the lady in the caravan thought we were a bit crazy as we went up to buy each 'course' individually.

Just goes to show you should always trust the locals. Especially when they remind you of your mum, Auntie Janet and first cousin Helen.


  1. Haha what a great little find =)
    Don't think I've ever had a scallop pie, or a venison pie, or a rabbit pie! They must have been good ;)

  2. my sorter food Ritchie, looks awesome.


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