Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Seafood feast, Tasmania

We had booked self catering accommodation for our trip to Tasmania and after doing a Wollies stock up on our first day, decided to leave ourselves hostage to farm gate fortune in the hope of sampling some of Tasmania's produce.

We struck pure gold for my favourite meal of the trip when we visited the Freycinet Marine Farm. We purchased oysters, mussells, scallops and half a lobster all for $60 which I think was pretty fantastic value.

We started with the oysters which didn't require any work, aside from trying to plate them attractively.

Next up we had a 1kg of steamed mussells that we simply steamed. We did have to clean the mussells and pull all the beards off. I haven't don't this before and I made it look difficult!

We made a garlic and lemon butter, and a tomato and white wine sauce to go with the mussells. The tomato and wine sauce was definitely the winner.

Next up was a platter of scallops that I quickly cooked on the BBQ. They were quite small, but still tasted good. I was pleased that the scallops were still tender and I hadn't over cooked them on my first attempt.

Our feast peaked with half a lobster. The meat was plump and delicious. The lobster went well with a current favourite, Neil Perry's Seaseme Soy dressing. You can see how much we enjoyed it......

I was very happy and content. And I don't even like seafood!!!


  1. OMG YUMMO! i love seafood! one day i hope to visit this place :-)

  2. I still can't say I love oysters, but everything else looks amazing!

  3. Nicely done Richard! Oysters look fantastic, the mussels must have been divine with those sauces. Tiny scallops! Never seen them so small! And that beautiful lobster, wow what feast!

  4. Oh yum - seafood feast! I hear Tassie has some of our best lobsters!