Sunday, 2 January 2011

Taj Mahal, Agra

I've always had a problem with expecting too much and then being disappointed. I couldn't get excited about my A'level or Degree results as they were 'only' the targets I'd set myself to achieve. I'm frequently disappointed by restaurants when finally visiting them having heard a lot of hype.

I was excited about visiting the Taj Mahal and I'm pleased to report there were no disappointments. It was AMAZING!

We built up the anticipation by having a drink on a rooftop restaurant with glimpses of the Taj before we entered the grounds. As you pass through the entrance gate you emerge into an enormous walled garden. The first thing that strikes you about the Taj is the scale of the place.

The Taj Mahal itself is enormous, sitting in perfectly proportioned grounds with symmetrical buildings on it's eastern and western sides. Your eye is immediately drawn along the canal of water leading up to the Taj. We further teased ourselves by slowly approaching the Taj. Doing a lap of the enormous marble plinth and visiting the Jawab and then Mosque (or Masjid) either side of the Taj.

Jawad on the eastern side of the Taj

Finally we queued up to enter the Taj and if there was one disappointment it was that the tomb inside is nowhere near as large or impressive as the building outside makes you believe it might be. A few coffins in a small room and that is literally it.

After we left the tomb we had a short walk round the gardens. I remember sitting on a bench near the exit soaking up my final views of the Taj and not really wanting to leave.

The Taj Mahal is awesome. Everyone shoud visit at least once.

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  1. This building is seriously impressive. I was in complete awe when we were there. Shame the rest of Agra is a hell hole. Although the "baby Taj" across and down the river was another nice place to visit.