Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sydney Marathon: Sponsor! Sponsor! Sponsor!

I've decided to run the Sydney Marathon in September, gulp!

Buying a GPS watch and some new trainers was the easy bit. Black toenails, 6am starts, dehydration, physio sessions and thirty kilometre runs have definitely been the less glamorous side!

For some extra motivation I decided to run for charity. In the UK I'm running for Marie Curie Cancer Care who provide fantastic, totally free, support for terminally ill cancer patients. Marie Curie nurses helped to look after my aunt when she was ill and if you could spare a few pounds to help with their good work I'd be really grateful:

For my Aussie supporters I've set up a fundraising page for the Cancer Council NSW who fund research, and support cancer patients and their families:

Your support and encouragement means a lot to me.

Just to prove I'm doing the training here's a 20km run from before breakfast on Wednesday:

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  1. I guess this will be a great run. Running for a cause is much better than running for yourself.