Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Newtown: A foodie adventure

After the success of our trip to Cabramatta a few foodies met up to explore Newtown on the weekend.

We started at Eveleigh markets, they are located in an old train shed which I found very cool. It was a wonderful foodie market with a great range of stalls and producers. Kylie Kwong was there. It's good to see that at least one celebrity chef is still grounded enough to work on a market stall. To help with my carb loading I purchase was some pasta from Pasta Gallery (which has been excellent so far).

I also had a lovely chat with one of the ladies from the Gumnut chocolate stall. She was as excited to meet a group of food bloggers (the eminent ones I was with, not me) as we were to eat her chocolates.

After the market we headed into Newtown proper. Our first stop was Black Star Pastry which was a wonderful patisserie. I was a little surprised to find such a classy joint in "down at heel" Newtown. It was nice to discover an antidote to all Zumbo hype currently gripping Sydney.

Next up was the Maltese Pastizzi Cafe. We had a selection of savoury and sweet pastizzi which had beautiful flaky pastry and gorgeous fillings. During our snacks we were being heckled by the lady at the next table, who was sadly a few marbles short of a full set.

It was then onto the Fiji Market. This was my second visit to the awesome shop. You can smell the heady array of spices wafting out of the front door well before you enter the store. I stocked up on a few spices that I need for recipes to try from The Real Food Companion I was given last weekend.

After leaving Fiji Market we stopped at a little place opposite for some Indian sweets before heading to the Sri Lankan Kammadhenu for lunch.

The service was a bit suspect, but the dosai, goat curry and egg hoppers definitely hit the mark.

Our final stop was Gelatomassi, a place I've wanted to visit ever since Phuoc tipped me off about the shop a few months ago. Pistachio gelati has never tasted so goooooooooood.

A BIG thank you to John for organising the day.


  1. i can't wait to revisit eveleigh farmers market in the next month. love trying all the samples :-)

  2. We still love you and consider you one of us even if you don't call yourself a food blogger ;) Haha will always remember that lady now.

  3. Down at heel? My mum's very well-to-do friend lived there for years!

  4. It was great to have you along as always Richard! I'm lucky I didn't get nightmares about that lady...

  5. My god, that woman! It didn't help when I was egging her on! Great day guys! Your photo of Eveleigh Market was taken at the same time I lost everyone and I can see myself in the crowd standing on my toes, searching. Oh look, there's Maria on the left!

  6. @BE - I've always found Newtown to be a safe, fun and vibrant place. However, from what I've been told it does have a reputation for drugs, students and being a bit edgy. Gentrification us definitely well under way though.

    @John - yes you were egging her on! Ignoring her was my tactic.

  7. I haven't visited these markets yet and I really should.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  8. I'm glad you enjoyed Gelatomassi, so many wonderful flavours and the owners are quite funny too (I picked on him because he is Sicilian and my bf is Calabrese - these two regions HATE one another).

    Wonderful tour guys, I'm bummed that I missed out on it :(