Wednesday, 16 June 2010

First eBay sale - who wants to buy my broken laptop?

I signed up for an eBay account back in 2003 to buy a camera filter. I got very excited by the bidding process, and started offering more than I would pay in the shop round the corner, where I could get instant gratification.

When I realised my folly I quickly stopped bidding and am pleased to report that I didn't win the item! Since then I've rather been out of love with eBay. (Although a friend did buy something on my behalf once.)

However, I've been tempted back. Fodder Fanboy has convinced me of the virtues of using eBay to recycle things you would otherwise throw out. I'm also inspired by the story of a friend who sold their broken laptop on eBay.

So here's my old laptop (minus the hard drive). If you'd like to buy it please bid with gusto here.




  2. I remember it well BE. Possibly the first blog I ever read.

    The difference is I am selling this time (and I've removed the hard drive!). Buying from eBay would still make me nervous.

  3. I need to sell things online (EBay) but I'm scared, stupid but it's true. EBay scares me SOOOOOOO much.