Wednesday, 20 August 2008

First eBay puchase

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about my car troubles. Essentially someone drove into the back of my car while it was parked. I decided it wasn't economical to get the dents and scratches removed from the boot, but did want to get the light fixed.

I've been dithering about the best / most economical way of doing this. Over the weekend I decided to give eBay a go. I've always been a little bit sceptical about ebay. The first ever blog I read was this one, about a someone who sold a broken laptop on ebay for £375. A person my friend Blue Eyes was unlucky enough to have a brush with.

Thankfully everything worked smoothly. The replacement light arrived within two days and I have just fitted it. If I'm honest it was quite easy, but I still feel proud of my engineering prowess!


  1. I think eBay is quite good for those "niche" low value items which aren't stocked by mainstream retailers. This week I bought a brilliant little LED torch for £2.75.

  2. I've bought.....

    - a power supply for my digital camera, not an original Cannon one but worked and a LOT cheaper
    - USB stick from Hong Kong. cheap again
    - a Casio sports watch, again cheap
    - Kenwood food mixer (went through a cake making phase, got bored after about four. Men eh?)
    - one of those digital temperature/barometer things
    - wing mirror....

    The list goes on. 'tis good for a nose around.