Saturday, 29 May 2010

Nelson's Perch B&B, Apollo Bay

Booking accommodation for my adventure along the Great Ocean Road got me all in a fluster. To me it always takes the edge of the holiday if you don't enjoy the place where you rest your head.

Doing research for somewhere to stay there is simultaneously too much and too little information. Web searches and guide books bring back far too many options. However, if you try and find a bit more detail - such as photos and reviews - information quickly seems to evaporate. Price is also a factor, why are the nice places always double your budget?

Therefore, I wanted to give a quick mention to Nelson's Perch B&B in Apollo Bay where we stayed for two night and exceeded my expectations. The B&B has three spaciously and well appointed bedrooms and private patios when you can sit out in better seasons. There is also a large seating and dining area for the guests to use. The third room was unoccupied during our stay so it was almost as if we had rented a private apartment to ourselves. There is free internet too.

I think their website could do a better job of selling themselves and a map or directions would have been helpful. My mum thought there were a few touches missing e.g. a heated towel rail, but apart from that we couldn't fault it.

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