Friday, 28 May 2010

The Great Ocean Road

After leaving Werribee Park we headed down to the Great Ocean Road and spent two days driving between Torquay and Port Campbell. Here are some of the highlights from along the way...

One of our first stops was Aireys Inlet lighthouse. There was some beautiful late afternoon sun and we had a walk round the lighthouse and a small part of the headland.

On our second day, before visiting the Twelve Apostles, we stopped at Loch Ard gorge. Loch Ard is named after a clipper that was was wrecked along the coast in 1878. Only two of the fifty one passengers survived and they were washed up in the gorge which was subsequently named after the ship. Somehow one of them managed to climb up the steep cliffs and get help.

It was a wet and blustery day which made the Loch Ard even more dramatic (even if the rain was annoying). There are several rock stacks and a large blowhole cut by the sea.

Our last stops was at the Twelve Apostles (below). One of the first things you notice is that there aren't twelve any longer, the irresistible forces of the sea are constantly changing the shape of the coastline.

We hadn't seen many other tourists along other parts of the Great Ocean Road on the previous two days. However, even on a cold and rainy day the hordes were jostling for photos at the Twelve Apostles. Having just visited Loch Ard, it made me wonder why.


  1. I like the last shot Richard. I haven't gone yet but I guess I should soon otherwise there's only be one left!

  2. Good stuff Richard. The great Ocean Road really is a special place.