Monday, 22 February 2010

Restaurant Review: Clipper Cafe, Glebe

Glebe High Road is filled with cafes, restaurants and takeaways. If I'm being honest most of them don't look that appealing, and my visit to Saigon Saigon last year was a disappointment. (The Spot and Pudding Shop are exceptions for a tasty snack on the run.)

Last weekend I had breakfast at the Clipper Cafe which I'd walked past without noticing several times before. Inside all the tables were filled and there was a washed out (almost beach comber style?) vibe going on. They seem to have a bicycle theme, with retro peddlers hanging on the wall. To me the word clipper has a tea association, so I'm not sure where the bicycles come from...

I ordered the poached eggs on toasted ciabatta with prosciutto and tomatoes. It was a tasty combination with the eggs oozing over everything else. Not advertised on the menu, there was a sauce smeared on the ciabatta. I couldn't quite worked out what exactly it was, but it was the star that brought everything together. Not as peppery as brown sauce or smokey as barbecue sauce it was somewhere in the middle. The only disappointment for me was that the salad on the side hadn't been dressed.

Shakespearemate had the baked eggs with sausages in a tomato sauce. We think that the eggs had been poached before the dish was assembled and put into the oven to bake quickly. I didn't taste the baked eggs, but it look good without being anything special. Also ferociously hot and likely to burn your tongue.

You can read a more eloquent review of The Clipper Cafe on a new blog I've just discovered, The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry.

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  1. 'I didn't taste the baked eggs' that a subtle way of saying I didn't offer?

  2. Haha, not at all!

    My poached eggs were good, but I wasn't sure you were as excited about the baked eggs.

    What's the SPM review?

  3. I would go back, but wouldn't make a special trip for it...well, not until the baked huevos rancheros gets a slot on the menu.