Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Sabai Massage, Glebe

While I was living in Thailand I was going for a massage at least three times a week. There was the trusty local Tesco Lotus, but also the heavenly two hour massage we found. It was so cheap that it transcended from a luxury to a necessity.

This created a few problems when I arrived in Australia; massages are ten times the price and not nearly as good. The best Thai Masseuses all train at Wat Pho in Bangkok and they don't seem to travel well.

However, I have recently struck gold, discovering Sabai Thai Massage in Glebe. (Sabai means "health", and as I know the translation I thought I would share it with you.) The massages are excellent. I've been there four times, and am trying to ration myself to once a fortnight. On Sunday I nearly fell asleep which I think is the highest praise a massage can get.

I usually manage to get in a bit of Thai conversation practice with the staff too. Prices are reasonable by Sydney standards; price comparisons with Thailand aren't really fair.

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