Sunday, 8 February 2009

Thai Massage

Last night John, Puk, Ann and I were all feeling a bit lethargic, stiff or had general end of week fatigue, so we decided to go for a massage.

John and I usually pop to our local Tesco Lotus to have a, relatively quick, 45 min back and shoulder massage. However, we ventured further afield to try somewhere that John had seen which was offering two hour full body massages for 200 Baht (that’s only £4!!!).

We were given loose fitting cotton trousers and tops to change into. Luckily there is no photographic evidence of us sporting the Thai fisherman look. We spent two hours being slowly massaged, pulled and manipulated. They start with your feet and slowly work up the legs, arms, lower back, shoulders, neck and head.

I really like the Thai yoga massages. They are not always a pleasant experience as you are being manipulated quite forcefully at times, but you feel a lot looser and fresher afterwards. I was pleased that I have been doing some flexibility work in the gym recently as it meant my range of motion was a lot better.

The experience ended with a cup of green tea and four rather sleepy and relaxed people heading out for dinner.

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