Thursday, 20 August 2009

An eBay experiment

I signed up for an eBay account back in early 2005. I have only ever bid one item, which was a filter for my camera lens. While bidding and I suddenly realised I was about to pay more than the item cost in the shops, so I stopped. Thankfully someone not so smart carried on bidding.

My friend John bought my a rear light unit on my behalf when someone ran into the back of my car, but I've never taken the plunge myself. I don't really know why, but the thought of having to use PayPal puts me off.

Clint does a bit of buying and selling on eBay, partly using it to recycle things he doesn't want any more. I bought the above telephone cord a few weeks ago when I was setting up my broadband, only to realise it had the wrong connectors.

I thought I would embark on a bit of eBay recycling and sell the telephone cord, it has been a very frustrating experience! I've tried and failed to change my country of residence (and billing ccy) to Australia. Two emails with customer services haven't yielded any results. I've given up.

If anyone would like the telephone cord let me know and I'll pop it in the post.


  1. Why don't you take it back to where you bought it?

  2. I opened the packet before I realised my blunder unfortunately.

  3. Ritchie, I can show you how to do this...have done it a few times now. Yes, it is stupidly hard. Note however, you are only allowed to change your billing country once a year. That annoys me, so when I was in the States I didn't even bother. All it meant was that when buyers go to pay for your item they will be taken to, and that you will pay your bills in pounds. Will show you next time.