Friday, 12 June 2009

Prince and Me Four

Back in February I posted a cryptic blog about recording a single. Judging by some of the reaction it was perhaps a bit too cryptic as none of you seemed to know what I was going on about!

I can now reveal all. It wasn't me who was recording a single, it was my good friend John. Who was recording the title track for the film Prince and Me Four. The movie and single should be out in the autumn, and the trailor has just been released for your viewing pleasure.

Someone I can love (recorded back in Feb) kicks in at about 1m 40s into the trailor. Enjoy!


  1. Just re-read the Feb post. I don't think it is cryptic at all, but then I knew what you were on about!

    I think it's brilliant that JD is in the movies! Today: a cheesy rom-com, tomorrow: the next urban thriller!

  2. hahaha...awww thanks guys...i'm going to have to post some of the vids me and richard did that day...outtakes!

  3. errrr... I really don't think the world needs to see any of the outtakes!

  4. Richard you are alive!

    I was worried that you hadn't even Twittered for ages! Your new job must be far too busy already.