Monday, 2 February 2009

My new hit single!

Most people are vain enough to have Googled their own name at some point. Searching for Richard Elliot brings back a lot of info on an American Saxophonist and I get to live in blissful anonymity (which has its definite advantages).

Now that I'm unemployed and need to make some money I'm going to release an album and see if I can get a few sales by people thinking the album is by the "real" Richard Elliot. Put a photo of a saxophone on the front and I should be laughing.

I spent the whole of yesterday in the studios of GMM Music here in Thailand recording with my friend John.

I was amazed how long it takes to record a single song and how hard the artist and engineer have to work. When you've done ten takes of the same thing (I know you can't believe I didn't get it right first time) it can drive you crazy trying to decide which version is the best!

After almost nine hours in the studio, a couple of take away orders and a short nap on the sofa later, we were finally finished. I'm hoping to sell the song to a big US studio. They might even use it in a film.

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  1. When do we get to hear the tune? Could this be a career change!