Thursday, 14 May 2009

Mothering Sunday

It was Mother's Day here in Australia last Sunday. My lucky mum received two cards this year.

Neither Brad or I had our mum's in the same city as us this weekend, so we latched onto Chel who took her mum out for lunch.

I was hoping for my first yum cha experience, but sadly it wasn't to be as the yum cha restaurants had queues trailing out of their doors and we were told that it was an hours wait. We ended up at the Chatswood BBQ Kitchen instead. Brad and I left it to the experts to order and there was a flurry of Cantonese of which I didn't understand a thing.

From left to right you can see a fish and noodle soup, mixed BBQ duck & pork with rice, and a pork, tomato & egg dish. The BBQ pork was my favourite. I was least keen on the fish and noodle soup. I'm not the biggest fan of sea food (although I am teaching myself), but processed style fish balls - I discovered in Thailand - are not my thing.

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