Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Pebbly Beach

For the Easter Weekend I went camping with Pen, Clint, Ali and Dave to Pebbly Beach, in the Murramarang National Park, three / four drive south of Sydney.

Pebbly Beach feels pretty remote, located at the end of part paved / part gravel road. The campsite doesn't have any electricity, but all of your basic needs are met and we were pretty comfortable in our tents and sitting around the camp fire.

The beach is stunning and we had a fantastic few swims in the sea. The sea was about 10 degrees colder than my last swim in Koh Samet, but it didn't stop us having some fun.

The campsite was packed with wildlife. There were a family of Kangaroos who lived on the beach, kookaburras, rozelles and parrots in the trees, and finally my first sighting of a possum. All of the animals were pretty tame having got well used to the campers over the years.

On Easter Sunday we went to jazz in the vines at the nearby Bawley Vale vineyard. It was very pleasant to sit around chatting in the afternoon sunshine for a couple of hours. Unfortunately the wine was pretty ropey.

My photos of the weekend are here.


  1. It looks too good to be true! But then you said the wine wasn't great - pity.

  2. Aww, you're making me all nostalgic. We went to Pebbly Beach on our little road trip between Sydney and Melbourne last year. We timed it really badly (arrived for lunch, when all the kangaroos are keeping out of the sun) but saw a lot of parrots. Wish I was there again now!

  3. Felinity - check back tomorrow. If you are lucky there could be another Pebbly Beach post.....

    Meeting Kren on Friday night for a drink.