Thursday, 16 April 2009

Camping with Le Creuset

I'm just back from an Easter camping weekend at Pebbly Beach a few hours drive south of Sydney. It was my first Aussie camping experience and it was a bit of an eye opener! The Aussie's are serious about their camping and take everything with them to make sure they don't miss out on any home comforts while they are away.

For me, Pen, Clint, Ali and Dave, luxury definitely means eating well. Tea was made from leaves and served from a Denby tea pot (above), coffee was freshly ground and meals were cooked from Le Creuset pans. I would never have dreamt it, but certainly was going to complain!

On the first day morning tea was a coconut bread baked by yours truly:

We had roast chickens cooked on the BBQ and finished with a little spit roast above the open fire:

Blueberry scones for morning tea on Easter Sunday:

These were just the dishes that I managed to get photos of. Equally yummy were the aubergine curry, homemade coleslaw and rice salads.

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