Sunday, 15 March 2009

Restaurant Review: Shabu Shi

I was asked by Dave earlier if there was any food, other than Thai, that was big in the Thailand. The answer is Japanese food! Bangkok has a big range of mid priced Japanese restaurants that are only a bit more expensive than their local counterparts.

For Olivier's final night in Thailand we went to Shabu Shi, which is an all you can eat Japanese buffet. There is a conveyor belt winding it's way around the restaurant and at each table you are given a bowl of bubbling soup in which to poach the goodies you take from the conveyor. There is also sushi, gyoza and tempura to feast upon.

You are given a one hour and fifteen minute slot in which to gorge yourself and all for just over £5! I have to admit that I stuffed myself and for the first time since arriving in Thailand left the restaurant feeling a little bit bloated. Perhaps it was a bit too much ice cream at the end!

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