Monday, 2 March 2009

More street food

The food in Thailand continues to amaze. As John commented the other day, there is no way you would open a restaurant in Thailand. There is too much amazing food around at ridiculously low prices and you simply wouldn't be able to compete.

Just before we visited the Erawan Shrine the other day, we popped into a little hut and had a noodle soup with pork and duck wantons. Delicious!

However, I am going to stick my neck out and name the above as my favourite dish served by my favourite street stall.

The stall is located at the end of my road and is frequent haunt for a late night snack or when I am having dinner on my own. The dish is called khaaw moo ghrop which literally translates as crispy pork rice. You get rice, crispy pork belly, Chinese sausage, strips of pork (cut unknown to me at least) and a soft boiled egg all covered in a delicious and slightly sticky sauce. You also get a clear soup on the side. Amazing value for 30 baht.

For such a vibrant 24hr city I am always slightly surprised that most restaurants seem to close around 9pm. Street stalls are you best bet if you want a late meal or snack. The only draw back is that virtually every street stall is closed on Monday. I suppose they need a break sometime!


  1. I suppose you just have to make do in Tesco's on a Monday - or head to Maccy D's!!!

  2. I actually went to McD's in BKK once just out of curiosity. Or was it for some temporary air-con? Can't remember. I think I had a Coke.

  3. Hey Ritch,

    only just added your blog as a feed, so have probably missed quite a bit of the Thai food chat. Will hunt around the blog.

    Not having been, just curious about other types of food for sale there. Any other nationalities get a look in? My experience of some of the worst food I've eaten globally has been in culturally strong food countries doing attempts at other nations. Thai in Rome for example. Or some noodles in Prague.

    See you in Sydney soon!

  4. er... I take it back, do you have an RSS feed?

  5. Japanese food is really big here, there are quite a few chains of cheap(ish) Japanese restuarants.

    I'm no expert on Japanese food, but they all taste pretty good, in fact I might review one now....

    RSS feeds should work with Blogger fairly automatically I think...

    Looking forward to catching up soon!