Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Tech Advice Needed: Broken Pixels

Last night a vertical yellow line has appeared on my laptop screen. It is almost exactly in the centre of the monitor. Any ideas what this is? I am fearing that it is a row of broken pixels.

I have done a bit of Googling, but so far nothing concrete has been returned. My only thought is that power has stopped getting to that particular row.

My laptop is 4 years old, so getting anything fixed under warranty is out. Being a laptop it is difficult to do much yourself and I fear expensive to get the professionals in.....


  1. Has this happened since you started using the dodgy electricity in Thailand?

    Their voltage isn't quite the same as in the UK, so perhaps the transformer can't cope. Didn't John have similar power supply issues at one stage?

  2. It only started yesterday and I have been using my laptop here for two weeks.

    Checking the Lonely Planet Thailand has 220V electrics. The power input to my laptop runs through a 110 - 240V box. I am hoping I that should be ok...

    John as has a Uninterupted Power Supply unit to stop the PC going off where there are breaks in the power supply etc...

  3. Ricardo it seems the end is near.

    I'm not sure about your laptop but for mine replacing the display is more expensive than buying a new laptop.

    However if the line of pixels is the same across the whole screen then it may just be a loose connection. But then the problem is opening the panel without breaking it further.

  4. From the bits of research I have done I think it is a loose connection / loss of power.

    At the moment it is annoying rather then serious, I just hope the problem doesn't spread.

    As you say, probably not economic to fix it..........

  5. It may well say that in Lonely Planet but would you bet a week's worth of Larb Gai on it being as stable as the supply in the UK/Europe?

    Last time I was in Thailand my mobile charger went nuts every time I plugged it in, getting very very hot and causing my phone to not charge properly.

    It could also be the humidity, rough and tumble of your Thai lifestyle or just old age?

  6. Whilst Thai electricity is crappy I doubt it's that. I think the laptop's AC adapter should take care of surges and such.