Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Isaan Street Food

Last night John and I went to the street stalls opposite our apartments for dinner. The stall we went to specialises in Isaan food. Isaan being a province in northeastern Thailand that borders Laos.

We ordered a som tum salad, duck larb, pork omelet and a gaeng jued soup. We asked for everything mai ped (or not spicy) as the food can be fiery. Although obvious from my white skin, I pointed out that I was a westerner to reinforce the not spicy request.

When the food arrived it was amazingly flavoursome and ferociously hot. We sent the som tum salad back, but having waited so long the duck larb we persevered.

The sweat was running off me and we went through three bottles of water. The chili had completely stripped our mouths, so we didn't even attempt the soup, fearing the hot broth would send us over the edge.

It was amazing food, but I don't think I will be going back until I have built up my chili tolerance a bit more.


  1. Have you been converted to the larb cause at last? You were dubious when I tried to explain my addiction...

  2. Richard loved it...and paid the price today with a fiery stomach!

  3. Larb is great, but maybe not that spicy!