Thursday, 4 December 2008

Restaurant Review: Alcatraz, Tokyo

I got an email from my friend Wendy saying "Are you still up for dinner.... I want to go somewhere really REALLY crazy. The type of place you only find in Japan." And that his how I found myself having dinner in Alcatraz ER, in the Shibuya district of Tokyo.

The restaurant has a medical prison theme. Guests eat in cells, while the waiters and waitresses run round in doctors and nurses outfits.

You tap on the bars of your cell to attract one of the nurses when you want to order. Drinks come in test tubes, babies bottles, drips and beakers, and have names like the "Acute Medical Stabiliser".

The food comes on surgical trays and was re-assuringly normal after the venue and drinks. It isn't the best food you'll have in Tokyo, but then you don't go to Alcatraz for the food.

You can pay extra to be hand cuffed, and four times a night they turn off all the lights plunging the prison into pitch black. I won't ruin the surprise as to why there were screams coming from the other cells..........

Definitely a Tokyo experience!