Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Bike Service @ Cycle Team

I've had my new bike for about a year now and tinkered with it myself a couple of times, but decided that it was time for a proper service. I've never been totally satisfied with the expensive Evans Cycles in Canary Wharf. After a tip off on Brockley Central I decided to try Cycle Team on the Brockley Business Park / mini industrial estate.

A small but friendly outfit. I'm no expert judge in these matters, but the bike seems to be running well since the service. They gave the drive train and the whole bike a good clean, the gears are a lot smoother and I even got some free toe straps! It cost exactly what they said it would and called to discuss the new parts they needed to put on the bike.

They don't accept cards and you have to pay either by cash or cheque. To be perfect they would have slightly longer opening hours, but apart from that I have no complaints.

I'm all ready to take on the London to Brighton cycle track.

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