Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Restaurant Review: Jaiya Thai

In honour of my birthday this week I arranged dinner on Saturday night. An eclectic mix of Sydneysiders, uni, work and JPMorgan friends.

I haven't had any good Thai food since I have moved to New York, so I did as the locals do, and referred to my Zagat. About 10 blocks south of my flat are two Thai restaurants next to each other. One which is smart, modern, glass fronted and stylish with a trendy logo; and next door a more down at heel looking place. The cool logo replaced with Thai script. It had to be the more authentic looking Thai place!

When we arrived it was packed and having arrived late, were were lucky they hadn't given away our table. We had a big array of dishes from my favourites Som Tum (fiery hot), larb gai, green curries, fish cakes, duck curries and noodles. The quality of the dishes was a really good consistent standard.

Nick was a bit disappointed that they waitress refused to serve him a prawn dish "very spicy" as he was farang. I was trying to teach him how to ask in Thai which I think would have clinched it, but alas he stuck to English.

As I explore New York I have a resolution not to go back to the same place twice, which is a shame as I think this place is worth a second visit.

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