Wednesday, 30 April 2008


I had lunch from Chipotle the other day which is a much hyped Mexican restaurant here in New York. We'd tried to go for lunch a couple of times before, but the queues were coming out of the door so we headed somewhere else instead.

This time we ordered online in an effort to beat the rush. They have a very cool website where you get an overhead view of the mis en place and select what you want in your burrito or salad. It was huge (obligatory in America) and tasty. Very good value for around $7.

I was telling my friend Clint about my enjoyable lunch and he started scaring me with horror stories about the calorie count at Chipotle. Really? I didn't expect it to be supper healthy, but lettuce, avocado and salsa; how bad could it be? The sour cream is obviously a sin, but surely that doesn't make it worse than a bowl of fries?

I found this online calculator for working out the calorie count. 1,533 for a single burrito and almost twice your recommended daily allowance of salt! It was so good i'll be going back, but perhaps not that regularly............

P.S. Weekday lunches don't count towards the no return rule.


  1. Richard I am going to have to stop visiting your blog because you are making me jealous. Even crap London lunches are bloomin' expensive on top of everything else.

  2. Don't stop visiting Blue Eyes!

    I'm giving you ideas for you visit, helping build anticipation, not trying to make you jealous.

  3. I won't have time for sightseeing, I will be eating non-stop!!