Sunday, 6 April 2008

I am one! Happy Birthday to my blog!

My blog is one year old today. I wrote my first post as I departed for a holiday to Thailand, so I think that it is quite fitting that I am also travelling on the first birthday of the site.

Starting as a travel journal, the blog went quiet for a couple of months, and then re-appeared as a diary, venturing into restaurant reviews and local issues as the mood has taken me.

Thank you to all of my readers and commenters, there seems to be a loyal band who visit the site regularly. Special thanks to the top three referrers to the site over the last year, Edland, Brockley Central and Andrew Brown.

The top 10 most popular posts of the year contain a few surprises:
1. Thai Massage - judging by some of the keywords used to find this article I think the readers will have been disappointed by how clean it was.
2. Memories of Bengal - Restaurant Review from Cholsey in Oxfordshire
3. Two faces of Brockley - an attempt at local issue blogging
4. Laughing Buddha - Restaurant Review from Blackheath
5. BBC iPlayer vs 4OD - surprisingly popular attempt at an IT review
6. Kolbeh at Skitby House - another restaurant review from Cumbria
7. Meze Mangal - Brokley's finest restaurant
8. Brockley on the Way Up?
9. Closure of the East London Line
10. Adelaide for the Wedding of the Year - more travel news

The most exciting time for the blog came last October when an article on Brockley Central prompted a deluge of visitors to my restaurant review of Le Querce. (Not sure if some housekeeping has gone on at Brockley Central, as I couldn't find the Love@Brockley article that linked to my review. Nick? John?)

The blog also got a mention by Iain Dale on (the now defunct?) Doughty St TV.


  1. Happy birthday to your blog my friend!
    I did not comment your posts so much but I still read all of them. I am definitely a "regular".
    Long live your blog mate!

  2. It's been great to have you. Looking forward to seeing you soon in New York!

  3. Happy Birthday to your blog and here's to many more! I wonder where you'll be when the blog turns two next year?