Saturday, 23 February 2008

February catch up

I've neglected the blog for the past week or so here is a little round up of what I have been up to. I know that Mike was getting anxious at the thought of not being featured.

I went to visit some old uni housemates for a night during my second week off work. It was a bit of a flying visit, where I ate far too much good food and left feeling a little bit stuffed!

I arrived on the Wednesday and had lunch with Mike and Claire at Feluccini in the centre. Mike told me that he has eaten everything on the menu, a sign that he goes there far too much! I had the crab spaghetti which was a delight. It had an Asian twist with coriander, lime and chili which worked fantastically as a combination with the pasta and crab. It was quite novel for me to have a two hour lunch break on a week day. I kept waiting for someone to look at their watch and make mutterings about needing to get back to work.......

In the early evening Mike gave me a tour of his new lab, the John Garside Building, before we met the Thai pop sensation John for a drink. After picking up Claire from the gym at the end of her class we headed down to Rusholme for a curry. I can't remember the name of the curry house, but if I call it Habitat those aficionados of Rusholme will know where I mean.

On Thursday morning I had a Thai Massage at John's family Thai Gift Shop on Portland St in central Manchester. Every Thai massage I go for seems to be completely different, this one involved the full walking up and down your back routine. I did feel better for it though! I rolled out my stock Thai phrases to get a few laughs and afterwards the masseuse told John she thought I was practically bilingual! This caused hysterics as John knows full well I can only say the five sentences he has taught me.
(P.S. Google Analytics tells me that my review of a Thai Massage in Clapham is one of my more popular pages. Including the words Happy Ending seem to guarantee even more hits. Just in case anyone with a struggling blog like mine is interested! ;-))

Brampton, Cumbria
After Manchester I headed on up to Cumbria for a few days with my family. It was a relaxing time with my grandparents, mum, dad and sister. Here is a picture of Talkin Tarn for you all to enjoy.

It is a kettle hole lake formed in the last ice age for anyone needing a case study for their A'level geography project.

Canteen, Royal Festival Hall
On Wednesday this week I went for dinner with family friends to Canteen at the Royal Festival Hall. I think Canteen is a great chain of restaurants. It met the same high standards as the Spitalfields branch I visited in September.


  1. Habitat! Brilliant. That photo is very good, shall I add it to your Photobox order?

  2. I think I'll get it developed, but not in jumbo size. I took a few good shots that afternoon.

  3. Great to see you mate. We shall have to do more meals, more drinks and more nights out time...London, New York or Bangkok perhaps?


    For all those interested. My mum's Thai Gift Shop has a little website which I have neglected somewhat of late. Little plug there. :)

  4. Hah hah, now you know I'll have to write a post about massages in Thailand. What is a happy ending? ;)