Sunday, 13 January 2008

Two faces of Brockley

I was woken up this morning at 06:28 by a car alarm outside my flat. I stuck my head outside my window fearing that it was my car. I didn't want to be the local social pariah responsible for waking everybody up on a Sunday morning.

It wasn't my car but unfortunately it was my neighbours who have had their car broken into before. (If they stumble across this blog I didn't see anything useful otherwise I would have come down and spoken to the police. Post a comment if you like to get in touch.)

After lunch I went out for a walk. Across Hilly Fields to Ladywell, returning to Brockley centre via Adelaide Avenue and then drifted back to Lewisham Way up Manor Avenue. I was struck how full Brockley seemed to be with trendy early 20 somethings drinking coffee and hanging out. Where did they all come from? And when did I get so old to be posting about trendy early 20 somethings?


  1. I used to aspire to being a trendy 20-something, but now I am glad I never became one :-)

  2. Ed, don't put yourself down. You were the night of fashion back in 2003! lol