Wednesday, 26 December 2007

New Addition to the blog roll

Check out this crazy video and book your summer holiday to Switzerland!

If you like Andy's blog, buy his book here.

Proving six degrees of separation. Andy and my former flat mate Ed did a Spanish course together in Guatemala (I think). Andy Sloan is also known by an old orchestra friend of mine Andrew Mills. Finally I accompanied Ed to one of Mr Sloan's house parties and lent on the gas hob while talking to his brother and nearly set myself on fire. There is a party trick for you.............


  1. [pedantry]Richard I don't think that you knowing Andy through two people shows the 6 degrees thing at all - isn't that supposed to prove that I have a connection with everyone in China through 6 acquaintances?

    Personally I think that 6 degrees thing is nonsense![/pedantry]

  2. I was just trying to misuse a trivial fact to bring some interest to my latest blog posting........

    What is all the [pedantry] nonsense about?

  3. Should you have used these brackets <> so that the HTML worked? Rather than square brackets [] which meant nothing actually happened! ;-)