Sunday, 23 December 2007

2007 Review

Back in 2005 of I had a fantastic time. I visited nine countries, eight of them for the first time, taking in two new continents. I also bought a painting from the (not so) Affordable Art Fair, which I love. In the November I took a look at my bank account and realised that things could not carry on in the same vain! I retrospectively dubbed 2005 The Year of the Spend.

2006 was ordained The Year of the Cutback. Holidays were cancelled and I set myself aggressive targets for repairing my savings and paying off debts. It didn't make for too much fun, but I met my goals.

Fed up with being so straight laced and mildly discontent with my flat and career, I deemed 2007 The Year of the Change. I wasn't quite sure what, but I was confident something big would change this year. My house, career, continent on which I lived, something, anything.......

Progress report? I bought a new bike. Hardly revolutionary....
I'm still living in the same place and doing the same job. 2008 is not going to have a theme in the hope something might actually happen!

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