Monday, 16 July 2007

In Praise of the BBC

Unfashionable and against the tide of political bloggers (lucky this isn't a political blog), I'm going to stick my neck on the line and say that I like the BBC.

I like television and radio stations without programmes interupted by adverts. I like the unbiased and impartial broadcasts. Radio 4. Test Match Special. The World Service.

Two recent programmes have prompted me to write this post. How We Built Britain and 20th Century Battlefields. Cultural, educational and I doubt that they would have been made in quite the same way by any other channel.


  1. Richard, you may think the Beeb is good, but are you happy about being forced to pay for it? The advertising model is not the only way to run a commercial channel you could have a subscription service which would not have adverts if that was their model.

    The question you have to answer is: would you pay for the BBC if you had a choice?

    It is the compulsion I dislike, especially when their news and political coverage is so biased towards the government. The only way to show my dissatisfaction and withold my cash is to chuck my telly out altogether.

  2. Oh yes, and private companies can (and do) make good informative programmes.

  3. Yep. I'm happy to pay the licence fee. I realise that having no adverts come at a price.

    Independent companies do make good programmes, indeed the BBC commissions many of them.

    I realised this wouldn't be popular with all you blogging radicals.

  4. Do you think that it's fair to expect everyone else to pay for it though? £139 is a lot of money to many people!