Friday, 27 July 2007

The Blog is Back: Restaurant Reviews and Gossip

The blog has been a bit quiet for the past couple of weeks. I've been keeping a low profile. Maybe I should have kept posting after the controversy of the BBC blog, oh well..........

Last weekend I went out for my friend Kelly's leaving party before her move to NY. We went for dinner at Spaghetti House and then out to the Loop Bar for a drink and a dance. When I started this blog I had visions of posting regular and exciting restaurant reviews. I didn't quite have chains like the Spaghetti House in mind. The prices were reasonable, the company good and the food was decent as well! Just goes to show that chain restaurants can serve decent unpretentious food when they try. After dinner we went to the Loop Bar which was chav central. There was a minor altercation with a group of Essex girls (one still in her Clarins uniform straight from the make up counter at House of Fraser) who threatened to glass us! Thankfully we all left without incident. I think incidents like this (and witnessing a heated argument on a Night Bus the week before) highlight a worrying under current about British culture that is exposed after people drink.

Last night I went out for dinner with Mike who is moving back to Manchester after a year working dawn south at GSK. We had dinner at the Dim Sum restaurant Ping Pong. We were blinded by choice on the menu. With so much Dim Sum on offer what do you choose? We were a bit indecisive until Luke took over the ordering and we had a good variety of dishes arriving at the table. The last Dim Sum I had in London was at Yauatcha which was absolutely amazing. Ping Pong wasn't quite as good, but then the bill was considerably less as well. Ping Pong had great value dim sum.

I'm venturing into the Kent countryside on the weekend and then going to New York next week so I am sure that there are a few more impending blogs.


  1. That restaurant looks familiar - I think I've been there.

  2. Couldn't get a picture of the actual branch we visited!

  3. "I'm venturing into the Kent countryside on the weekend" - that should be enjoyable.