Saturday, 21 March 2015

Masala Wala, Pakistani food comes to Brockley Cross

All the curries
On Wednesday night I met up with Pete to check out Masala Wala the newest addition to a resurgent Brockley Cross.

We weren't the only ones hoping to check out the small café (it only has five tables) and the place was constantly full with some people being turned away disappointed. Quite impressive for a Wednesday night in their opening week and shows how much pent up demand there is in Brockley for decent places to eat out.

The menu is compact with just two dishes and we did our best to sample the menu ordering three of the four curries, plus roti and pickles to share between the two of us.

My favourite was the carrot and pea curry which was rich with flavour and went really well with the homemade roti. Second favourite was the lamb curry which had a generous amount of lamb for the price cooked on the bone. The lime pickles had a satisfying kick too.

Homemade roti
The service was very friendly and homely. We were told that they plan to change the menu regularly to keep it interesting, which I think will be needed if they stick with such a short menu. (Something I wouldn't criticise a small place for doing.)

Our meal took a bit of a while to come out and it would have been good to get some serving spoons with the curries, but otherwise it is a top - and very reasonably priced - addition to Brockley Cross.

You can see all my London eats on a handy little map here.

Masala Wala
5 Brockley Cross


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