Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Ben's Canteen, Earlsfield

Ben's epic scotch egg
Last Thursday night I was invited by Go Earlsfield's to dinner at Ben's Canteen with a few other local bloggers. It was good to begin the night with a tasty gin cocktail and start unwinding from the day which had been a bit more stressful than usual.

While the calamari and pulled pork nachos caught my eye, I decided to order Ben's epic scotch egg (£6). There was a slightly runny yolk and it was a pleasant surprise to find the scotch egg sitting on a healthy smear of Dijon mustard which provided a nice bite.

I managed to grab a taste of GE's Baba Ghanoush and Lentil salad (£6.50). It was a tasty little combination of aubergine, bitter leaves, pomegranate and lentils. There was one ingredient which was cold (I think the lentils) while everything else was a room temperature. It weirded me out a little bit, although GE didn't even notice.
The BC burger 
Our host was selling the steak, but I decided to go for the BC Burger with sweet potato fries (£12). The menu describes the burger as "one of London's best" which is a bold statement when you consider some of the competition.

I expect disappointment when people hype themselves up, but it was a good burger. Juicy, but not overly messy, cheese and a decent homemade burger sauce. On top of the burger was a medium cut slice of salt beef which added a welcome extra dimension. It was a good size so you could pick it up with two hands too. I think it is a fair call to say it is one of London's best.

Peanut butter and chocolate brownie
For dessert I went for the peanut butter and chocolate brownie (£5) served with peanut butter ice-cream. It was a rich and intense brownie that I could only manage half of. It is quite unusual to for me to be beaten by a dessert!

With friendly staff, some great cocktails and a good burger, it was a fun evening out.

GoEarlsfied and I dined courtesy of Ben's Canteen

All of my London eats are located on a handy map.

Ben's Canteen
422 Garratt Lane
SW18 4HW
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