Sunday, 7 December 2014

Capernaum, Brampton, Cumbria

Bacon, chorizo and black pudding salad with a poached egg 
While we were up in Brampton a couple of weeks ago a new restaurant, Capernaum, opened in the market place and we went to check it out on their opening night. Run by a Yorkshireman who has moved into the area, it is located in what was Huntingtons a couple of incarnations ago.

While we were waiting for our starters to arrive we were sent an appetiser of mini fish and chips to share. The fish and chips were a welcome little treat as we had to wait around forty minutes for our starters to arrive.

I kicked things off with the bacon, chorizo and black pudding salad with a poached egg (£5.50). The chorizo was the dominant flavour and rather over shadowed the black pudding. It felt like less could have been more with the salad and it didn't need quite so much going on. Becks' grilled haloumi (£5.50) was the favourite starter at our table.
Boeuf bourguinon
In between courses we were brought a shot of apple sorbet which was a nice touch and not something you usually get in a neighbourhood restaurant.

I chose the boeuf bourguignon (£12) and Becks the lamb tagine (£11.50) as our main courses. Both of our dishes were generous in size and I had three large pieces of tender and tasty beef. Personally I think they could get away with smaller portions of protein and include some vegetables or reduce their prices a little.
Lamb tagine
As we were finishing our dessert the chef / owner came round to chat with the opening night customers. It sounds like he and his family have jumped into Cumbrian life since moving up from Yorkshire. Competition has probably never been higher in Brampton with Brambles and Mr Elephant also recently opened. The owner was receptive to feedback and hopefully they will find the formula which works for them.

Chocolate and pecan pie


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