Saturday, 5 April 2014

Happy birthday to my blog: seven today!

The seventh year of the blog has felt a little slower in terms of post published. However, I've just checked and wrote ninety seven posts over the last twelve months. A lot more than I expected and not a bad haul.

The highlight of the year was probably the mind blowing leopard hunt that I saw in Zambia. The rest of my African adventure in Malawi was pretty special too.

As you'd expect on the blog there was a lot of eating. I was spotted on the Guardian running blog, and set a new personal best in the Abingdon Marathon. Not bad for a stomach ulcer affected race. In fact it was my hardest running year to date. I probably averaged over fifty miles a week for a continuous six months up to Christmas.

It has felt very special to have Becks at my side over the past twleve months. We had a delightful week in Paris and got to share my favourite meal of the year

Top ten posts of the year:
The Blogger stats and Google Analytics vary wildly, which is odd, as they are both powered by Google. Below are the top ten posts according to Analytics (as that is what I have used in previous years).

1. Reading the Economist for free on the Kindle - hopefully the Economist's lawyers will never read this one and come knocking on my door.
2. Best kebab in Istanbul - a couple of awesome kebabs from my visit to Istanbul.
3. Garmin Forerunner 100 unboxing - tech reviews can be a real hit. Just a shame I don't know what I'm doing!
4. Habberfield: Ricotta cheesecake taste off - two very good cheesecakes get the recognition they deserve.
5. Camelbak Hydrobak review - runners of the world have come to read the post.
6. Top Eats - people clearly love to search for restaurant recommendations. Bit of a shame I haven't added anywhere to it recently!
7.  Project Sourdough: Air bubbles, the elusive texture - I haven't posted about my bread making much recently, but still enjoy to bake.
8. Galtaji Rajasthan - A non mover at number two in the charts. Indian women in their brightly coloured sarees at Galtaji gets a lot of hits.
9. Kenwood KMix Unboxing - unboxing the mixer for my bread making. Shipped all the way from Germany to Sydney and now back to London.
10. Cooking: Coconut and lime slice - people obviously love recipes containing coconut and lime.

Thanks if you have stopped by during the year.


  1. happy 7th blogiversary richard!! here's to many more delicious years to come!

  2. Seven years Richard, well done. A huge congratulations to you :-)

    (and coconut and lime? Yep, it works.)