Sunday, 24 November 2013

Mordon Hall Park: When all you can do is laugh

There are some days which just done seem to go for you. Being woken at 3am by the neighbours having an argument leaves you tired for the rest of the day and doesn't get the ball rolling too well. A mild headache, mouth ulcer and a few ongoing issues from my stomach ulcer put me off colour.

I was meeting Becks for lunch and we decided to use our National Trust passes and visit Mordon Hall Park that we passed on the way to my last cross country race. The NT does pretty solid cafés in a homespun kind of way and we thought it would be a good lunch spot.

The tram from Wimbledon drops you at the far side of the park.  We walked past autumn leaves that are now falling in earnest on our way to the property. The large rose garden looked like it would be impressive in summer, but there were only flowers still clinging on in the middle of November.

We followed signs to the café and entered a restored courtyard containing the visitors centre and second hand book shop. We were both hungry so headed straight into the café.

It was a little underwhelming. I was looking forward to something hot, but they only had a selection of sandwiches. We made a couple of selections and it was perfectly pleasant, but not really what I was looking for.

After lunch we walked across to the snuff mill (closed) and had a quick walk round the outside Morden Hall which lies outside of the part looked after by the NT (we assume) and was falling in a pretty decrepit state.

Having exhausted what seemed to be open (not much) we headed back to the tram stop. It hadn't been a particularly entertaining visit.

Back at the tram stop we had a quick look at the map before departing and noticed that there was another café and shop on the site. Presumably the main café, it would have served me the homemade hot food I was hoping for.

Some days just really aren't your days.

Image from the National Trust website.

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