Thursday, 31 May 2012

Meat pie taste off!

Pie Face Steak Pie

At the end of our bánh mì taste test we decided that a Top Aussie lunchtime snack would be next. Does it get any more Australian than the meat pie?

I picked up a couple of contenders from Pie Face and Simon collected the rivals from Mick's Bakehouse.

Mick's Bakehouse - steak pie

First up were the steak pies.

Mick's bakehouse ($5.90) had superior pastry and a thicker gravy which made it easy to cut and share. It seemed to be a mixture of mince and pieces of steak (which had been cut reasonably fine). There was a lot of pepper in the pie which I found a little overwhelming.

Pie Face ($5.75) had a wetter gravy which made it messy to eat. The pie had larger chunks of steak which felt more substantial. Pepper was also the dominate flavour, but there was less than in Mick's pie which was my preference.

Round one to Pie Face.

Mick's Bakehouse - chicken pie

Next up where the chicken and mushroom pies.

The pie from Mick's Bakehouse again had superior pastry and a thicker consistency which made it easy to eat and share. I preferred the flavour of Mick's pie too.

The pie of the day goes to Mick's Bakehouse.

Snag Stand - Backyarder

All pied out, but still hungry we headed to the Snag Stand to pick up a couple of hot dogs.

We started with the Backyarder ($8.90) a beef dog with coleslaw and cheese. I wasn't a fan of this snag. The coleslaw and cheese was an odd combination. Perhaps it would have been better if the cheese was melted?

Snag Stand -Toulouse

The Toulouse ($10.90) was next up after receiving a recommendation that it was one of their most popular hot dogs.

The pork sausage is served with onions, mushrooms and truffle aioli on a brioche bun. It was a good dog although not as spicy as a classic Toulouse should be. The brioche bun was too sweet for me.

It was a rather filling lunch in the end! The snags were an unexpected bonus and fitted in with our Top Aussie theme. However, it was all about the pies for me. Pie Face and Mick's Bakehouse were pretty closely matched, with Mick just stealing it.

Mick's Bakehouse
188 Pitt St
Level 5, Westfield Sydney
NSW, 2000
Pie by Mick's Bakehouse on Urbanspoon

Snag Stand
188 Pitt St

Level 5, Westfield Sydney
NSW, 2000
Snag Stand on Urbanspoon

Pie Face
109 Pitt St
NSW, 2000
Pie Face on Urbanspoon


  1. good to see you catching up on your posts. i still haven't had a chance to catch up with this one. Mick's pies definitely had great pastry :-)

  2. Have you see the new u shaped Hotdog Bun invented in Australia also see video clip on