Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Restaurant Review: Marque, Surry Hills

 Veal rump with buttermilk, chocolate and lettuce

When my colleague suggested that we celebrate my final day of Australian employment at Marque there was no need to think twice. Our previous two visits have been so stellar that it seemed the obvious choice.

The service and the food were again impeccable.

The waiters and waitresses seem to know in detail exactly how each dish is put together and were able to answer all Simon and my questions with aplomb. We started to ask more obscure queries in an effort to catch them out, but they were equal to anything we could throw at them!

I've previously enjoyed everything that I've eaten at Marque. This time the amuse bouche of olive mouse with mandarin granita was an opinion divider. The boys at the table didn't like it, while the girls did. I found that the intense olive mouse clashed with the granita. I couldn't get the sweet and savoury combination.

The presentation was equisite throughout and there was plenty of technique on display. The veal rump had the faintest hints of chocolate in the sauce. I was worried that the chocolate could have been over powering, but three hatted restaurants don't make those kind of mistakes.

The set menu is officially three courses, but in my experience, an amuse bouche and palate cleanser / extra desert are thrown in make it a five course feast. I was a bit concerned that the Sauturnes custard might not have been making an appearance, but thankfully it was brought out after our dessert.

If it wasn't for the fact that Marque requires a slightly extend (read three hour) lunch break I'd be there every week.

 Olive mousse with mandarin granita

Fried mussells with barigoule, tomato and mussell custard

Jasmine with hazelnuts and new season apples

Sauturnes custard with burnt caramel

Simon's review of our lunch is here.

355 Crown St
Surry Hills
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