Thursday 17 May 2012

Restaurant Review: Runcible Spoon, Camperdown

Over dinner at Bakery Nights, Lucie suggested that I add Runcible Spoon in Camperdown to my wish list.

I feared I wouldn't have time to visit Runcible Spoon before I left Sydney, but a hastily arranged lunch with friends provided the perfect opportunity. My friends ended up bailing but I decided to visit solo anyway. I'm pleased that I did.

The hard concrete lines of the modern cafe are softened by an ample number of plants in an eclectic array of containers. It was a bit of a hipster hangout, but not offensively so.

I sadly arrived too late for the special Cinco de Mayo menu but I liked the idea that they had one at all.

I found the chalk board menus slightly hard to follow. The breakfast and lunch dishes weren't clearly distinguished. I presume everything is served all day?

I was drawn to the Thai style eggs with nam jim, tomato, pork belly and jasmine rice ($18). While waiting for my order feared I could be in for a horrible interpretation of Thai food. Thankfully that wasn't the case.

Two fried eggs were served on a salad with a fragrant nam jim dressing. Accompanied by pork belly with a spicy crust and rice on the side made it a hearty meal.

The two tear drop shaped eggs were joined together at the top and had an almost batter like crust along one edge. It made me think that they could have been poached and then flash fried in very hot oil? However they did it, there was a lot of technique shown across the whole plate.

I'm pleased that I made it to Runcible Spoon. If the rest of the menu is as good as the Thai style eggs then this cafe would be a real treat. Just a shame I won't be in Sydney long enough to find out....

Runcible Spoon
27 Barr St 
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  1. This place is in my neighbourhood and I had no idea, thanks for posting this review!

  2. You going back home Richard?

    The fried eggs in your dish sound a little like Thai son-in-law eggs; if they are anything similar then I'm in lurve! LOL. Pork belly, eggs, nahm jim and rice sounds like a cracker! Thanks for dining solo and giving us this review!

  3. I had a chance to pop back to Runcible Spoon (with the friend I was supposed to meet there). The second time the food was good, but not as stand out / original as the Thai style eggs.

    @Joey - yes, in fact I've already arrived back in the UK.

    I'm not sure if they are exactly the same as son-in-law eggs, but they were pretty good so I'd recommend giving them a go.

  4. as they say: if u cant handle the heat of a kitchen become a food critic...


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