Friday, 25 May 2012

Restaurant Review: Deli Bottega, Bondi

My final full week in Sydney was about as cramming as much in as possible. I was burning the candle at both ends and loving every minute of it.

My running friend Kendall suggested a drink at Icebergs to start off the week. Sadly they are closed on Mondays. However, the thought of a final trip to the beach had me hooked, so on the Wednesday night Kish and I headed out to Bondi.

We started with a drink at Icebergs. Practically deserted we had our pick of seats (and egg shape capsules hanging from the ceiling) from which to soak up the views of Bondi. Panoramic views of the beach are unfortunately interupted by the high number of pillars in the room.

After reading enthusiastic reviews from Tori, Bondi Hardware was on my wish list for dinner. However, I baulked at the idea of a forty five minute wait. Deciding to check out other local options we stumbled upon the busy looking Deli Bottega. It was a fortuitous find.

Luckily another couple were just leaving and the friendly waiters soon has us seated. One of the waiters pulled up a chair to our table, talked us through the menu and all of the special dishes. It could have been overly familiar, but instead fitted in with a relaxed, yet knowledgeable, style of service.

We ordered largely from the specials menu, starting with the Kingfish crudo with chilli, ponzu, avocado and crouton crumbs ($22). I've no idea how they packed so much intense olive oil flavour into the crouton crumbs, but I'm pleased they did. The croutons provided the main textural element to the dish and added an enhanced flavour. There was sufficient chilli to keep things interesting too.

Seared scallops with granny smith apple and green papaya coleslaw

Next to come out of the kitchen was the Seared scallops with granny smith apple and green papaya coleslaw ($22). The scallops were perfectly cooked. However, neither Kish or I could detect much green papaya in the coleslaw. 

The scallops found themselves eclipsed during the evening by the Kingfish and Zuchinni. More a reflection on how good the other dishes were, rather than a poor reflection on the scallops.
Zuchinni salad with olive, onions, persion feta, tomato and lemon olive oil

The Zuchinni salad with olive, onions, persion feta, tomato and lemon olive oil ($16) was the star dish of the evening. The ribbons of zuchinni were given a freshness by the lemon olive oil. The impossibly fine dice of olive provided bite and the feta a richness. A wonderfully balanced dish that left us wanting more.

Crispy pocket of egg, pepper and tuna on green salad 

Our final plate was an opinion divider. I enjoyed the Crispy pocket of egg, capsicum and tuna on green salad ($16), but Kish wasn't as much of a fan. Tasting the components in isolation I could see her point. However, if you had a bite of the (not so crisp) pocket, salad and dressing together it worked quite well for my palate. Yes, the capsicum flavour dominated and it would have been nice of the salad leaves has been dressed rather than put on the plate bare, but I kinda liked it.

Deli Bottega is a fun and quirky little venue. The friendly and attentive staff and high quality dishes coming out of the kitchen make this place one to remember next time you are in Bondi. Which for me sadly might be quite some time unfortunately....

Deli Bottega
144-148 Glenayr Avenue
Bondi Beach
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