Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ultimo festival and that pork bun

Last weekend I went to the Ultimo and Pyrmont UPTown World Festival being held a stones throw from my flat.

I'm not really sure what made it a 'world festival'. It was one of those fairs where the information stalls (Bendingo Bank, Police NSW, Iain Thorpe Gym and City of Sydney) outnumbered those that were interesting to browse or there to entertain

One of the best stalls was run by the friendly couple from CREATIVITe Studio who opened a pottery on Harris St just before Christmas. I bought a few Xmas presents from them and was their third ever customer!

While I was browsing the church shop I over heard one of the women talking about organising a regular farmers market. It sounded like an idle dream, but would be fantastic if it happened.

Hype about Sydney's soon to be Food Trucks is reaching fever pitch. Tina had tipped me off that the team behind the new Tsuru Food Truck were due to have a stall at the festival. I couldn't resist buying a pork bun ($4.50).

The steamed bun was light and not too sweet. The fresh cucumber and coriander added some crunch and freshness respectively. The pork was tender and had a nice flavour. However, it felt like it was missing something to bring it all together. Shouldn't pork buns have a sticky Asian BBQ sauce?

I'm sure they'll be a lot of 'oh my god, amazing!' comments when the food trucks arrive. I don't think the bun is worthy of that kinda hype.

Tsuru Food Truck
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  1. Hm, the pic looks pretty good though... Looking forward to trying one myself soon!