Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Restaurant Review: Sayong Curry & Laksa Malaysian Cuisine, Town Hall

Thanks to Simon for organising a Friday lunch meet up with Dom and Tony at Sayong Curry & Laksa.

It was my first visit to the small food court which is outside of my usual lunchtime striking range. The food court was pretty busy when I arrived. Sayong definitely had the longest queues, but the neighbouring Thai looked pretty busy too.

Chicken Rice

I decided to order the chicken rice ($8). The chicken breast was served with coconut rice, soup, chilli and ginger sauces. The chicken was tender as hoped for and came served on a soy based sauce which complimented it well.

I enjoyed the ginger sauce and the soup which had a nice flaovur with added crispy fried shallots. I didn't detect much coconut flavour in the rice which was a little oily.

In my search for the best chicken rice in Sydney I'd take the chicken from either Singapore Shiok or Sayong (they were both good), Shiok's rice and Sayong's soup & sauces.

Ipoh Char Kway Teow

Simon ordered the Ipoh Char Kway Teow which was a new dish on me. The cooked to order seafood char kway teow is covered in a egg based sauce. Simon's tip is to request some additional pickled green chillies which compliment the flavour. It was a nice dish from my quick taste.

Sayong Curry and Laksa, Malaysian Cuisine,
LG Food Court, Pittsway Arcade
303 Pitt St,
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