Sunday, 20 November 2011

Restaurant Review: Mamak Village, Glebe

It was the hottest day of spring so far and I was already perspiring before I put any of the spicy rendang in my mouth. There was quite a bit of brow mopping going on....

I've wanted to visit Mamak Village since I first read John's review back in January. I've previously attempted to visit but Marlina wouldn't cross the threshold as the Malaysian crew hadn't given it their seal of approval. A solo lunch after the Homebush 10k provided the perfect opportunity to try it out.

I'd agree with the consensus view that their roti aren't as tissue like as those at the famous Mamak in China Town. However, I still enjoyed the roti canai with the three accompanying sauces. A fiery tomato based sauce, a sticky spicy chutney type affair and a milder more complex green sauce.

To accompany my roti I ordered the nasi lemak lunch special, which is available with either curry chicken or beef rendang. The coconut rice lived up to its name with a nutty fragrance and mild coconut taste. The salty, crunchy side of peanuts and fried fish went down nicely, as did the pickled carrots.

Then there was the main event, a generous serving of beef rendang. As you may have guessed from the perspiring brow, it was a little hot for me. However, even through the heat I could tell it wasn't solely a one dimensional chilli spice, with a complexity of flavour going on.

Mamak Village seem to have bumped up their prices since they first opened in January. The roti canai is now $5 instead of $4. Might not sound like much, but it is a 25% increase. At one time most of the menu seemed to be available as a $10 lunch special, that's now restricted to one dish.

However, at $15 for a hearty lunch with so many complex flavours going I don't begrudge the price rises. It still seemed like good value.

I've always been a bit bemused by the long queues outside Mamak in the city as I don't think the food really warrants the line. Mamak Village would be more deserving of the queues in my view, but Glebe isn't a 'burb where that is likely to happen.

Mamak Village
25 Glebe Point Road

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  1. I quite like Mamak Village - good to have a Malaysian option in Glebe.

  2. I totally forgot about this place! Must get back & I completely agree with the queues at Mamak in Chinatown. Why?

  3. I'd line up (just briefly) for that kind of lunch... Mmmm, roti.

  4. i'll have to put this one on the wish list i think